Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Resurrection Sunday 2014

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

It was a beautiful day here in northeast Missouri.  Seriously after our never-ending winter it was absolutely beautiful at almost 70 degrees.  Of course on Monday it rained and turned cold again, but it was nice while it lasted.

The Lord was really kind to us for this holiday.  We had a nice crowd at church (almost 50!), enjoyed dinner with our deacon and his family, napped while Hudson napped (woo hoo), and enjoyed the afternoon with Hudson outdoors.

The day started, well ... like this:

Hudson was in a foul mood. Why?  Who knows - I'm learning that "Toddler" is a synonym for "Bipolar."

He finally got over whatever it was and looked at his Easter Basket goodies - a Thomas coloring book, an Easter board book, a water bottle, and a box of sidewalk chalk.

We did the playdough mountain to teach Hudson about Holy Week.  Here he is checking out the Empty Tomb.  It's been really sweet - now anytime he sees a Cross in one of his books, he runs over here and points to the one we made.

All dressed up for church!

After service, we tried to get some family pictures.  I'm not sure it was a success.

 Check out Hudson's face!  If looks could kill!

After dinner and naps for all, we let Hudson hunt eggs outside.  This was his first time so I wasn't sure if he'd get it, but he totally caught on quickly.

Checking out what goodies are inside and immediately partaking in some chocolate.

Best $20 we've ever spent, though (again) Hudson's face would prove otherwise.  Silly boy.

Bubbles are a favorite around here.

As is sidewalk chalk.

Sniffing the flowers.  I have no idea why he won't get closer to them - weirdo.

I've been a Garden Widow this week as James as spent every spare moment getting the garden ready.  It's all tilled now and has 8 rows of corn planted.  8 more to go, then green beans, carrots, okra, watermelon, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, and spinach.

Hudson with the Easter stickers my sister sent him. He loves stickers - they lasted about 2 minutes.

Hudson also got sweet cards from both sets of grandparents, and a stuffed "Hudson" bunny from James' sister.  He's been sleeping with it so I've yet to get a photo.

Our Resurrection Sunday was really sweet - not only did we enjoy time together but also time worshiping our risen Savior.