Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Exhibit A: Why I don't need to ever own a gun.

So Monday James is at work and I am loving on Hudson, doing laundry, cleaning - you know, all the normal stuff.

Around 2:15 I hear someone on the screened-in front porch.  Our sidelights are stainglass so you can see out/in but it's all blurry so I can tell it's a man in a blue shirt.  "Just the mailman running late," I think.  Man in blue shirt leaves front porch and I return to playing with Hudson the floor.

Then, man in blue shirt returns.  "Strange ... " I think to myself.  Man in blue shirt walks around on front porch making me more than slightly uncomfortable.  Then man in blue shirt sits down in one of the rocking chairs.

That was enough to bring out my inner-Mama Bear.  So I took Hudson to his room and placed him in his crib, which thankfully he was happy to be there.  Then I proceed to put on a hoodie (yay for fall) and my shoes to head outside and find out just who this man in a blue shirt is and why he's on my porch.

My plan?  What plan?  In the whole fight or flight reflex, I got all fight and little flight.  So here I am in all my 105 pound glory ready to pounce on and scare away whoever this is on my porch.  Just as I am preparing to open the door, I realize man in blue shirt is now fiddling with the screen door on the other side.  Prepare to attack ...  Until I realize man in blue shirt is James.

Hahahah!  James was teaching at the local TAPP school for teenage mothers and they dismiss school at 1:45 so he was earlier than I expected and was just enjoying the beautiful fall day by sitting for a few minutes on the porch looking at our mail.  He got quite a kick out of my telling him this story and about how I was preparing to kick his heiny.

Disclaimer:  I am totally pro-guns.  Remember, I am from the country, y'all!  This however is a good example as to why it's probably a good thing that we're too poor to buy a gun.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Week before last, the Southern Gospel Convention was in Louisville which means my BFF Kay and her husband Marvin were in town.  That means, we (Hudson and I) got to hang out with them three days straight!  Sadly James was at work - poor Daddy missed all the fun.

Kay being a baby whisperer and putting Hudson asleep.

We tagged along to eat lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  I hadn't been there since James' and my honeymoon. Yummo.

Hudson asleep at Lynn's - my baby's hard to impress.

Finally, he woke up and joined the fun.

Also while they were in town, we enjoyed a great chapel message at Southern.  It was the first time back in chapel since James' graduation.  So encouraging and applicable to what the Lord's been teaching us in pursuing a full-time ministry position for James.
For those who may be wondering why these people are my BFFs, here's the backstory.
Marvin & Kay go to my home church in TN.  Back in 2000 we worked together with the children at church as I taught them on Wednesday night and they ran the church van that brought the majority of the children to church.  Over the next few years, we became really good friends.  In 2003, I had already been accepted to Southern for the fall of 2004 and they let me live with them at their home to save money before moving to KY.  They are truly family.  I'm so thankful to the Lord for how he's used them to encourage, teach, correct, and disciple me.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spidey Senses

Mamas got skills, ya know.  I've seen tiny mamas and I means tiny who were able to man-handle children as big as they.  I know mamas who can sense when their child is hungry, tired, you name it and preempt any impending temper-tantrum by meeting that need before the tears arrive.  What's my awesome mama skill?  I got spidey senses.

You laugh, but I can pretty much hear Hudson's heartbeating from his room at night.  It's wild. 

It's especially wild considering I once slept through a fire alarm in the dorms at Southern.  James talks in his sleep and in our four years of marriage, I was only awakened by his jabbering on the first few weeks we were married.  It got where I could sleep through a recitation of the Gettysburg Address. 

But now?  Alas, everything wakes me up at night.  I mean everything.  Hudson coughs - I'm awake.  Tipper (the dog next door) barks - I'm awake.  James talks in his sleep - I'm awake.  I dream that Hudson is crying - I'm awake.  (See, I have spidey senses even in my dreams.)  If I'm really quiet, I promise you I can hear the big trucks on the Watterson driving by at night.

So, mamas out there - what's your mama-talent?

Watchin' TV together

Pointing at the camera

My baby's got fat lips - haha :)
On a side note, perhaps Hudson has spidey-skills too ... this past Sunday Hudson was sound asleep in church.  I'm talking body limp, dead weight, heavy breathing, sound asleep in his little car seat carrier.  I get up to do the children's sermon; he hears my voice and viola - he's wide awake and upset because he can't see me.  James said once he picked him up and held him where he could see me, he was perfectly content.  Love my little Mama's Boy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hudson's love language

... is drool.  Behold the evidence.


happy boy :)

crazy eyes + drool = classic hudson

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Eyes

Well, most people think Hudson looks like James.  I guess I have to agree.  But one thing is for sure, he inherited the Proctor eyes - love his baby blues!  As he's maturing, we've noticed lately that he has this one particular, rather humorous, look.   We call his "crazy eyes."  He opens his eyes really, really wide.  It's hilarious.  Just for fun, here's a montage of his "crazy eyes."


Hey there! Don't make those crazy eyes when Mama's giving you kisses!

Poor kid - sorry you got Mama's bug eyes.
You'll learn how to control them later :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Depending on who you ask - everyone has a different opinion as to who exactly Hudson looks like.
Generally speaking, if it's one of my friends or family members they think he looks like me.
Conversely, it it's one of James' friends or family memebrs, they think he looks like him.
James' mom was sweet enough to send us a baby picture of James so we could do a comparison.
I won't tell you who is who, though you may figure it out.
So, who does Hudson look like?  Top baby picture or bottom baby picture (Hudson's in the middle)


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hudson's had a lot of "firsts" lately.
Check out the pics of his accomplishments.
First night in his bed.
All swaddled-up for bedtime.

The mobile is hypnotizing.

Good Morning, Sunshine!
He's all smiles in the morning.

When I unswaddle him, he stretches and yawns - so cute.

First time in the baby carrier/wrappy thingy.
Since then, I've become quite the expert with this wrap.
It's quite amazing.

First time in the high chair.
Sadly, Hudson just had to watch us eat our dinner.
He already had his earlier :)

First time in the Bumbo Seat.
(Yes, I know they've been recalled)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Country Roads

This weekend Hudson and I made our first trip to Tennessee. James was feeling sickly so we left him at home to rest.  It was my parents' first time to see Hudson since he was born so we were excited to see everyone.

Grandaddy (My Dad) and Hudson, who's sporting his UT orange.

Grandma and Hudson, who was sound asleep taking a
much-needed (and oft elusive) mid-morning nap.

My parents' dog, Angel who was not sure about Hudson.
I don't think she appreciated this little one who was holding everyone's attention.

Angel's such a pretty dog.

Grandaddy & Hudson in their somewhat matching shirts.

Three generations of "Proctors."

Grandma, Grandaddy, and Hudson

Hudson and my BFF - Kay.

Hudson and my sister, Sharon.

Me and my nephew Woovens.

Woovens has a thing for the 5 Hour Energy Drink.
Fret not, he isn't allowed to drink it.

Woovens loving on Hudson.

Did you enjoy your trip to TN, Hudson?
I think that smile is a big fat YES.