Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spidey Senses

Mamas got skills, ya know.  I've seen tiny mamas and I means tiny who were able to man-handle children as big as they.  I know mamas who can sense when their child is hungry, tired, you name it and preempt any impending temper-tantrum by meeting that need before the tears arrive.  What's my awesome mama skill?  I got spidey senses.

You laugh, but I can pretty much hear Hudson's heartbeating from his room at night.  It's wild. 

It's especially wild considering I once slept through a fire alarm in the dorms at Southern.  James talks in his sleep and in our four years of marriage, I was only awakened by his jabbering on the first few weeks we were married.  It got where I could sleep through a recitation of the Gettysburg Address. 

But now?  Alas, everything wakes me up at night.  I mean everything.  Hudson coughs - I'm awake.  Tipper (the dog next door) barks - I'm awake.  James talks in his sleep - I'm awake.  I dream that Hudson is crying - I'm awake.  (See, I have spidey senses even in my dreams.)  If I'm really quiet, I promise you I can hear the big trucks on the Watterson driving by at night.

So, mamas out there - what's your mama-talent?

Watchin' TV together

Pointing at the camera

My baby's got fat lips - haha :)
On a side note, perhaps Hudson has spidey-skills too ... this past Sunday Hudson was sound asleep in church.  I'm talking body limp, dead weight, heavy breathing, sound asleep in his little car seat carrier.  I get up to do the children's sermon; he hears my voice and viola - he's wide awake and upset because he can't see me.  James said once he picked him up and held him where he could see me, he was perfectly content.  Love my little Mama's Boy!

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