Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Smiles

Today Hudson has his first dental visit.  He did amazingly well - much better than I thought he'd do honestly.

All smiles in the waiting room.
 Jamie, the hygenist, said that normally the first visit was just a lap exam using their fingers to feel his teeth but that they'd like to clean his teeth if he'd cooperate.

He was a little hesitant at first, but then opened wide and let her clean all his teeth.  Such a big boy!

Goofy Kid

Then Dr. Ball did the exam and put a flouride treatment on his teeth.  His teeth and gums look great!

Hudson was such a big boy .... until time to go.  That darn reward box brought out the nearly 3-year-old in him.  He couldn't/wouldn't decide what he wanted and got quite frustrated that I wouldn't just stay there all day for him to make a decision.  Really kid?  It's a plastic duck, let's just go. Oh well, they keep us humble.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ministry Update - Winter 2014/15

It's been a remarkably mild winter this year, at least compared to last year.  We've only had about a foot of snow this winter.  Weather, it's all relative.

December began with Christmas festivities.  We had our Christmas program wtih record attendance - 49!  Plus we enjoyed a soup and sandwich lunch afterward.

We hosted a Christmas Open House at the Parsonage.  The entire congregation was invited to stop by for snacks and to just hang out.  Most everyone came.  We ended up playing Apples to Apples and Mrs. Mable won!

We had the youth over for New Years' Eve.  We ate and played games: spoons, Apples to Apples, and Scrabble.  At midnight, we enjoyed waffles and sparkling grape juice.  Hudson amazingly not only stayed up until midnight, but was so energized from having the teens over that he didn't go to sleep until 2 A.M.  Yawn!

In February, we took the youth to a sister church to hear Wise Choices.  Take the time to check out their ministry's website.  I've heard a lot of abstinence speakers.  Sadly, many are no more than fear-mongerers.  However, Barb and Rich weren't that - they spoke of God's grace and forgiveness and restoration.  It was very encouraging.

Valentine's Weekend, I took my Sunday School class of preteen girls for a girls' afternoon.  We did manicures, ate chocolate, and studied the life of Leah and Ruth, Proverbs 7, 1 Corinthians 7, and Ephesians 5 to help understand God's plan for marriage.  I love these girls - they are such fun!

C making a birthday cake for fellow youth worker, MAE

We've been trying to take the kids/youth bowling for the past two weeks, but snow keeps interrupting our plans :(  Come on Spring!

James is preaching through the book of Mark on Sunday morning and just finished preaching through Judges in the evenings and is starting Ruth.

We've had some sicknesses in our church family.  Hospitalizations, Physical Therapy Rehab, etc...

Prayer Requests
- James has been specifically praying for two families to join our church - whether by conversion or transfer of membership.  Please join him in praying for this.
- Youth Sunday is March 8th - pray for our youth as they lead the services that day.
- Youth Bible Study - we'll finally finishing up Share Jesus Without Fear.  Man, it has taken forever.  Pray for guidance as we select a new study.
- Summer plans: elementary camp, youth camp, mission trip, VBS, just to name a few.
- Summer Mission Trip - we plan to tag along with our old church in Louisville on their summer mission trip this year.  I have asked three people to accompany them along with me.  Please ask that the Lord will provide for this.
- Encouragement.

And just for fun - Enjoy this snapshots of Hudson playing in the snow this winter.  19 Days until Spring!