Monday, September 24, 2012


Week before last, the Southern Gospel Convention was in Louisville which means my BFF Kay and her husband Marvin were in town.  That means, we (Hudson and I) got to hang out with them three days straight!  Sadly James was at work - poor Daddy missed all the fun.

Kay being a baby whisperer and putting Hudson asleep.

We tagged along to eat lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  I hadn't been there since James' and my honeymoon. Yummo.

Hudson asleep at Lynn's - my baby's hard to impress.

Finally, he woke up and joined the fun.

Also while they were in town, we enjoyed a great chapel message at Southern.  It was the first time back in chapel since James' graduation.  So encouraging and applicable to what the Lord's been teaching us in pursuing a full-time ministry position for James.
For those who may be wondering why these people are my BFFs, here's the backstory.
Marvin & Kay go to my home church in TN.  Back in 2000 we worked together with the children at church as I taught them on Wednesday night and they ran the church van that brought the majority of the children to church.  Over the next few years, we became really good friends.  In 2003, I had already been accepted to Southern for the fall of 2004 and they let me live with them at their home to save money before moving to KY.  They are truly family.  I'm so thankful to the Lord for how he's used them to encourage, teach, correct, and disciple me.

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