Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Garden

This week has been a busy week at the parsonage.  Busy getting our garden ready.  Per the Poor Richard's Almanac, weather reports, moon-cycles, etc... this was the week to get in the garden.  So tilling, raking, hoeing, planting, and watering we went!

Day One (Monday) was tilling day.  This plot hasn't been used in several years so it was definitely not easy to till up.  Sweet church member Patty came with her big tiller that attaches to a four-wheeler and worked it up a bit for us before James used a hand-held tiller to do the rest.  It still isn't perfect, but it'll do and next year will be easier.

Hudson now waves at everything including Daddy tilling.  Cutest thing ever.
"I'm coming to help!"

 What Mama does while Daddy's tilling - take awesome pictures of my sweet boy!

Mama also helped Daddy by pulling weeds while he was tilling.  It was a Dandelion commune out there, I tell ya.  While I was busy pulling weeds and Daddy was busy tilling Hudson decided to busy himself by eating dirt.  Yep, dirt. 

Dirt can't hurt, right?
Day Two (Tuesday) was more tilling this time with the rake and hoe and planting of seeds.


Day Three (Wednesday) was more planting of seeds.  We've planted: corn, bush beans, carrots, watermelon, sunflowers (yay!), spinach, lettuce, okra, potatoes, and some other stuff that I can't remember.
Wednesday was h-o-t and being our third day of being primarily outdoors, I set up a little sunshade with our Peruvian baby/chica blanket for Hudson to enjoy.

*Fingers-crossed* that we'll reap the benefits of this hard work and have yummy veggies this summer and fall.

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