Monday, July 15, 2013

Mini Vacation

My husband is good at many things.  One thing in particular is planning short get-a-ways.  He sets a budget, saves money, searches for the best deals, and plans activities for the days.  I'm thankful for that because I'm a saver (not a spender) so I would never ever suggest spending money on a vacation as I'm simply too practical for that.  Isn't it great how God connects people who have varying strengths and weaknesses?  While my frugality is a strength in many ways, it's not when it comes to having fun and relaxing.

Anyway, James planned a short vacation (Monday - Wednesday) for us in Amana, Iowa.  It's a former German settlement area with lots of historical buildings, shopping, a water park, and Chick-fil-A close by!

And because we Lackeys can't do anything the easy way.  It was a rough beginning to our vacation.  James woke up Sunday with Poison Ivy on both hands and wrists.  We surmise that he got it that weekend while doing yard work.  Then Sunday, after bringing the Pack 'n Play up from the basement Hudson decided to pull up on it thereby pulling it on top of himself.  Those things way a ton.  I was sure he'd have a cracked rib, but he was fine.  Monday while loading the car.  I somehow didn't pull the kitchen door (leading to the garage) shut completely and Hudson pried it open and of course tumbled down the two carpeted steps leading into the garage.  There were lots of tear, not just from him.  He was fine, thankfully though you will notice a nice carpet burn on the bridge of his nose courtesy of his fall. 

Whew...after a start like that it took a while to get relaxed.  Fortunately we did and had a good time.

H was a big fan of the hotel room.  He liked opening/closing the AC.

He loved jumping on the plush pillows on the bed.  Such a silly boy.

We went to the hotel's indoor water park.  Hudson was not a fan. The water was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g and there was a lot going on - water splashing, teens having fun, changing colored lights - he never offered to cry but tensed up and held on to us for dear life. 

Relaxing while Daddy shops for shoes.

After 3 months of no fast food.  We indulged. 
My tummy was not happy afterward.

"Where's mine?" Hudson wants to know.
 A photo tour of the Amana Colonies - 26,000 acres.

Tuesday evening we drove to Des Moines for James to buy a weedeater (it was a good deal hence the long drive).  The mall there (Jordan's Creek) was amazing!  We ate Chick-fil-A and ColdStone for James' birthday.  The mall had a family area that included a nursing room, three (!) baby changing stations, and a nice play area.  It was a great time to let Hudson move around before we loaded him back into the car.

On the way home Wednesday, we stopped in Coralville for Chick-fil-A (again!) and Hudson enjoyed his first carousel.

All-in-all, we had a great time.  Thankful for a few days to get away.

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