Thursday, October 3, 2013

A is for Apple

I keep seeing on random people's blogs, posts about apple picking.

Since it's apple season and we are so blessed to have three mature, fruit-producing apple trees in our backyard I thought I'd take Hudson on our own apple-picking adventure this week.

A close up of the goodness.  I think they are gala apples, though I'm not sure.

My little helper for the day.  He had so much fun running around outside, even if it was more like summer with the 85 degree weather than an October day.

All in all, we collected about 30 pounds of apples. Yes, 30 pounds and there are still more on the tree.  We gave some away to people at church, some to the ladies in the Thursday Bible Study I attend, and some to neighbors.  I plan to make apple butter, apple sauce, and freeze some for the winter months.  Anybody got an apple corer, peeler, slicer they want to let me borrow? Pretty please.

Somebody thinks he's a big boy standing on Mama's stepladder, grabbing apples.  When did he get so big?

My first ever all-from-scratch apple pie.  As you can tell from it already being half gone, it is good.  

We are very thankful for this harvest of apples.  Considering we did not plant the trees or do anything to them at all (no pruning, no fertilizing, no watering even) we feel ever more blessed at how well they produced this year.  Thankful to the Lord for apples!


  1. Beautiful pictures and they are some mighty good looking apples!

  2. So fun, Melissa! Love the pics. There are two apple trees in the yard of the house we are buying in Williamsburg -- so we can join in on apple picking next year :)
    - Lora