Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Card Outtakes

Last year, we did our first ever photo Christmas card and it was such fun.  Behold the beauty of my sweet baby laying in front of his Little People Nativity Scene.

This year, I wanted to do a photo card as well.
So I scoured pinterest and found my inspiration:

With Wondering Awe - With wondering awe the wise men saw  The star in heaven springing,  And with delight, in peaceful night,  They heard the angel singing:  Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to His name!

Cute right?  Looks simple enough.  Well, those pinterest pinners are liars people.
If not liars, they are definitely NOT working with a real-live toddler.

Between tears, not looking at the camera, refusing to smile, trying to get up and leave - it was an exercise in frustration.  Behold the attempts of trying to photograph a very active, stubborn, toddler boy.

First shot - he's obviously enthralled with these lights.

Would be cute had he even somewhat looked at the camera.


Such a pitifully sad face.

So exhausting.

Thankfully I did get one decent shot.

Still NOT looking at the camera, but at least he's not crying and almost has a shy smile.

Props to for the finished product.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Next year, I'm just sending out a facebook Christmas shout out. 

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  1. hahah! The card was SO precious! I think it was my favorite out of all the ones my parents got this year! Seriously, so precious! Good job persevering! Love you all!