Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas with Grandaddy & Grandma

 The week of Thanksgiving, we made the 9 hour trip to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with my family and have an early Christmas.

Eating blueberries and watching "101 Dalmatians" on the portable DVD.
 A quick pit-stop in Metropolis, IL to stretch our legs and snap pictures with Superman

Hudson, obviously, wanted to stretch his legs more than take pictures.

Christmas with Grandaddy and Grandma

Every boy needs a tricycle! 

Reading with Grandaddy

Reading with Grandma
 The Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to my sister's home for dinner and Christmas
with her family.

Sitting in a chair like the big boys, watching "Rudolph"

I finally got to meet Miss Emily - the daughter of my childhood friend.

Such a cutie!
 Saturday, we had Christmas with my friends Kay and Marvin

First Oreo - he was a fan!

Kay & Marvin got Hudson probably his favorite gift - a play kitchen.

On the way home, we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A in Cape Girardeau.
Our closest Chick-Fil-A is about 2 hours away so this was a treat.
Hudson especially loved getting some energy out in the play place.

Yep, I totally went through the tunnels with Hudson.
One somewhat bossy girl told me I was too big.
Obviously I ignored her - lol.

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