Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!

It has been a blessing to be your mother for the past two years.  I'm sure there were hard days, and perhaps it's the leftover pain-killers from last week's surgery still in my system, but I can't think of any right now.  You are a complete joy.

Here are some thing I love about you, because I when I am old(er) I want to remember...

- I love the way you find my shirt hem to rub when you cuddle in my lap.

- I love how when you are angry and throwing a fit, if I stick my tongue out at you or something equally silly, you start laughing and forget that you're upset.

- I love how friendly you are.  OMGosh are you extroverted, prepare yourself world.

Such a little charmer

- I love the way you say, "Oh Wow" when you open a card in the mail.  (Thank you Grandparents for frequently mailing by the way!)

- I love your unsolicited hugs and kisses.

- I love how excited you are to go to church and pray you keep that excitement always.

- I love your completely goofy grin - eyes almost shut, mouth wide open, and shoulders scrunched up.

- I love how if I'm not listening to you, you grab my face to look at you.

- I love how independent you are - finding your own snacks in the kitchen, picking out clothing, putting your shoes on (amazingly on the right feet - I have no idea how you figured that out).

- I love to watch you read books.

- I love how you follow Dada around and like to do what he's doing.

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