Monday, October 27, 2014

Hats Off to Missions - GA Camp

This past weekend, I chaperoned two of our girls from church to the GA Retreat.  We had a ton of fun.  Here are some pictures of what we did.

The location, about an hour south of home

Arrival Selfie

Teri, the MO WMU GA/Acteen Coordinator

The Parade of Hats - C got to wear a Bedouin head covering

Our M for camp - from Nigeria

Love these silly girls

Saturday morning breakfast

Saturday morning devotions outside in the fog

Gideons sharing about their ministry

E teaching us how to mark our new Gideon Bible with
scriptures to show someone how to become a Christian

Practicing (using puppets) sharing salvation scriptures

Worship outside

The awesome M-speaker

Prayer walking

Hats off to Missions was the weekend's theme - such fun!
Technically, we don't have GAs.  Our kids do Bible drill on Sunday nights while our Youth do a bible study (currently, the youth version of Share Jesus without Fear).  But since one doesn't have to be a GA to attend, we went and had a super fun time.  I'm praying that the Lord uses opportunities like this to draw the girls closer to him and maybe, hopefully, call one (or both) of them into Christian service of some form.

And this gospel of the kingdon will be proclaimed throughout the
whole world as a testimony to all nations.
Matthew 24:14 ESV

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