Monday, June 29, 2015

Hoosier State, Here We Come!

Sunday we will load up our church van and head to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a week-long mission trip.  I'm super excited and surprisingly anxious as well.

We'll be meeting with two sister churches to join forces in conducting VBSs, canvassing neighborhoods, completing construction needs, and assisting a new church plant in the area.  For all but one of our youth, this will be their first out-of-Missouri mission trip.  So exciting!

Pray for our kiddos:  Alyssa, Brooklyn, Jacey, Kenneth, and Zane.  Pray for:

  • Physical Safety and Energy
  • Good Attitudes and Cooperative Spirits
  • Spiritual Growth - B and Z are not believers, so pray specifically for the Lord to draw them to Him.

Pray for me as I'll be leading them solo.  Pray for:

  • Safe travels as I drive our church van.
  • Physical safety and energy.
  • Patience with the youth
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Trust in the Lord - James is staying home to care for Hudson (he's just too little to go) and to minister at our local county fair that's the same week.  While in my head I know James is a good daddy, I'm finding my heart anxious over leaving Hudson.  I know it's a control issue, but it's making me stress out.
Pray for James.  Pray for:
  • Patience and energy in parenting Hudson solo that week. Pray that it will be a sweet time of memories made together.
  • Energy as he works in the Baptist Hospitality House at the county fair.
  • Opportunities to share the gospel while fair employees and guests.

Pray for Hudson.  Pray for:
  • No separation anxiety from me.
  • Obedience to James.

Pray for the churches in Fort Wayne, IN.  Pray for:
  • Receptive hearts to receive the blessing of our service.
  • Patience with us as I'm sure we'll be in mission-trip mode.
  • Encouragement - that our presence will be an encouragement to them as they minister in their community.

Thank you, friends for your prayer support. I look forward to letting you know in about 10 days, how the Lord chose to answer our prayers.

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