Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Christmas Photos 15

When we lived in Louisville, I would have Hudson's pictures taken professionally about every few months.  But here, we're so rural, that unless I want to pay a professional photographer I have no options.  P.S.  I love professional photographers, but we're poor.

Then at Christmas, Kmart had a portrait session! Score.  We signed up and behold the most handsome little Christmas portraits you've ever seen.

When we got there, Hudson suddenly became shy.  He's never shy.  So I had to go sit with him for a few pictures for him to get used to it.  For not being prepared (read: no makeup and I'm not 100% I'd brushed my hair since that morning) I think they turned out pretty cute.

He really thought her (the photographer) posing him like this was funny.

Such a silly boy.

Love this little boy so much!  Look at the hand on his knee.

I have no idea why his hair is so red; must be the lighting. 

My happy boy!

Photography has a way of 
feeling, of touching, of loving.
What you caught on film is captured forever...
It remembers little things.
Long after you have forgotten everything.
- Aaron Siskind

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