Thursday, July 19, 2012


is the total to date for this cutie's birth.

Hudson showing off his new trick - spit bubbles
I say 'to date' because we get new bills in the mail daily - literally every day. Sigh. In all honesty, I think it's quite the bargain as he's 100% priceless in our eyes.

We have applied for financial aid for the hospital part, which is about half of the total.  I'm learning that no one actually works for the hospital but is a subcontractor simply working at the hospital.  Please join us in praying for favor as we continue to contact all the various doctors to set up payment plans.  Some have been accomodating so far and some haven't. 

Perhaps we'll have him paid off by the time he's in college?


  1. It's crazy huh! The pediatrician we got did not have privileges at our hospital, so we had to use a different doctor while there. He came in twice, for about 2 minutes at the most each time, and the bill shows almost $1,200 for his services! Not bad for less than 5 minutes with a patient :) Good luck!!

  2. $1,200 is insane! I'm thinking we unwisely chose teaching as a career - perhaps we should become pediatricians :)