Saturday, July 7, 2012

Holiday Week

Hudson's First Holiday - Independence Day - was this week.

He celebrated in style with this cute onesie our friend Ms. Melissa gave him.

We headed to Mr. & Mrs. B's house for the actual holiday.  Somehow the only photo I got was of the B's cat, Sagan stalking Hudson.  He was quite curious of this little "squeak toy."  The B's dog, Trixie was also curious and quite protective of Hudson.  She did NOT like it when he cried!  This was Hudson's first exposure to animals (other than our two little fish) so we're thankful he wasn't scared.

The day after the 4th, our friends the McD's came over for a visit.

Here's Mama McD with Miss E holding Hudson.  Miss E will be a great little mama one day - she was very attentive to Hudson. 

Miss L with Hudson.  Somehow Miss M (the oldest McD girl) missed out on getting her picture made.  They'll have to come back so I can rectify the lack of Miss M and Hudson pictures!

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