Thursday, October 4, 2012

Four Months

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Hudson has really, really grown this month - both physically and cognitively.

He gained 1.25 pounds and grew an inch and a half!  It seemed like overnight he was suddenly able to grab toys with accuracy.  Before he'd bat at stuff and sometimes grab it, but usually by accident.  He also recognizes his name and will look at you (if he wants to - haha) when you call his name.  I am convinced he knows the word "look" because I can say, "Hudson, look" while pointing and he will look.  Perhaps it's just coincidence but I'm thinking he's a genius!

Last week, he decided to stop sleeping through the night.  Heavy sigh.  Rather than sleeping a consistent 9 hours he began awaking every 3 hours.  It coincided with weaning him from swaddling so the first night I just figured he didn't know how to sleep with his hands free (haha).  When it occured again (while swaddled) I knew it was something else.  Then it happened again and again.  Dr. B thinks it's what they refer to as Wonder Weeks which is basically a growth spurt in his brain.  Suddenly more aware of his environment, my baby was thinking important thoughts - keeping him awake and in his thoughtfulness he thought I'd like to be awake as well.  Praise the Lord he has begun sleeping 7-8 hours again this week.  Dr. B says it will probably occur again at 9 months and again at 18 months.  Something to look forward to, I guess. 

Stranger Danger is beginning.  He cried upon seeing our friend Rachel the other day and wailed like a banshee when Dr. B started talking to him at his check-up.  Apparently this is a good sign that we've bonded well and "strangers" shouldn't be offended.  Consider yourself warned :)

Can't believe he's already a third of a year old!

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