Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Fun

"Be seen, Not scared" is the theme of the zoo's halloween celebration. I've always wanted to go, but until we had Hudson there was really no reason for us to go. So we bundled H up (it was quite cold) and headed to the zoo for fun and candy.

Hudson being unimpressed.
Side note - my baby should have been dressed as Santa with that frothy drool beard he's rocking.

The carved pumpkins - this Elvis is for Rachel

Just to prove that I am, indeed, taller than a dwarf.

Most of the animals had already went to bed (smart animals) except this fast-paced peacock.

Our friend N went with us.  I made him take a picture with me and my favorite childhood snack.

About 7:30 Hudson decided it was nap time.

How can he sleep in such an uncomfortable position?

But he did wake up in time to meet Dorothy and the gang.
  The Friday before Halloween we had some friends over for chili and pumpkin carving.  Much fun ensued.

Miss M and H

The fun was too much for Mr. A

Miss S and H, who is almost as big as her.

Mrs. B has a thing for putting H right to sleep

Pumpkins galor

With 2/3 of the sweet McD girls

Halloween night we all stayed home to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.  We normally average about 80 trick-or-treaters so we expected a busy night but sadly there weren't that many.  Perhaps the coldness?  Oh well - more candy for us!

Farmer-Mama and her little Pumpkin. 
Daddy refused to dress up - party pooper!
Best part about Hudson's sweet pumpkin costume is that we got it on sale last year after Halloween (having just found out we were pregnant a few weeks before) for $2.50 - normal price was $14.99.  Yahoo for savings!  Thank you Hudson for not growing too quickly as we took a risk buying it not knowing if it would fit or not. 

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