Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Last week was my birthday.  The big 3-4.  Really, it wasn't that big and I don't necessarily feel any older.  But it was an enjoyable first birthday with my sweet baby boy.

First, we enjoyed a little dinner at Red Lobster.  We hardly eat out anymore so this was a special treat.  Plus, they have a birthday club so sign up for free food on your special day!
After walking around Half-Price Books for a while to burn off dinner, we finally headed to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream.  Again, there's a birthday club!  Are you seeing a trend? We're serious about free stuff in this household.  Not only is it nice financially, but it stretches your birthday celebrations out as we still have several coupons to use - Culvers, Red Robin, and O'Charley'sMcAllister's gives you a $5 gift card (which is almost enough for a baked potato) for your birhday too, which I use to eat with sweet friend Maryann!  I'm going to get fat, y'all!

Enjoying ice cream at Cold Stone!

Making picture taking a challenge for Mama!

Seriously, the best little thing ever!

No ice cream for this little one until his first birthday!
All in all, it was a wonderful day.  James got my late mother's watch fixed for me, which was super thoughtful.  Plus I got sweet cards and phone calls from friends/family.  I'm looking forward to the adventures that 34 will bring - I'm sure there will be many.

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