Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seven Months

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This picture is actually about 5 days late because Hudson was sick on his 7 month birthday.  So sick in fact, that we took him to the Pediatric Immediate Care.  He was running a 103 temp, even with tylenol in his system.  Scary times.  The doc originally thought he had the flu and gave me somewhat of a difficult time for not vaccinating him against the flu, but his test returned negative.  So he was diagnosed with an unspecific respiratory infect aka a cold.  His temp was up and down for the next 72 hours and boy was that a l-o-n-g three days.   The only silver lining in his dark cloud of sickness was that he was extra snuggly.  Thankfully, he's now been fever-free for almost two days and while he still has a snotty nose he is in much better spirits. 

His stats for 7 months (height and weight) are from the immediate care visit.  I'm glad to see he's gained a little bit since his six month appointment but he's still a bean pole.  The nurse actually measured him at 28 inches but our measuring tape shows closer to 27 so that's what we're going with for now. 

Hudson's continuing to teeth like crazy; drooling all the time.  But those are some stubborn teeth as he still has nothing in there but gums.  I ventured into full-fledge hippie mama mode this week and ordered him an amber teething necklace off ebay.  Not sure if it will live up to the hype but I'm willing to try it to provide him some relief from his aching gums without resorting to medication. 

Hudson's new baby trick is sitting upsupported.  He can sit alone for several minutes now.  He still can't get there by himself, but from what I've researched that take a little longer.  So I try to help him practice with little baby exercises.  He probably considers it torture as I hold a toy just out of reach to encourage him to push himself up into the sitting position independently.

Though his first few days as a seven month old were rough, with the fever, we're still so thankful that overall he's extremely healthy and happy.  I can't believe he's over half-way to one year old!  So grateful for my little son.

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