Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ragamuffin Heart Wreath

We had a sad lack of Valentine's Day decor around our home.  I once had a "Happy Valentine's Day" banner I had made for my classroom but where that is, who knows?  So after scourering Pinterest, I found this - a cute Ragamuffin Heart Wreath.  It had no tutorial, but was easy enough to figure out.

Materials Needed
Wire Clothes Hanger
Paper clip

Step One:  Bend Wire Hanger into a heart shape.

Don't worry if it's not perfect, the fabric will cover up any bumps.  I used a paper clip to secure the two ends because my usually strong hands weren't quite strong enough to twist the ends secure.
Step Two: Cut your fabric into strips
I have a fairly large supply of random fabrics thanks to my friend gifting me it from her late mother-in-law's stash so I picked a red velvet and pink terry cloth.  I had two old pillowcases: the mini-dot striped cream and lilac that I also used.  My strips were about an inch wide and about six inches long; though there was some variance (I didn't use a ruler) which I think adds to the ragamuffin charm.
Step Three: Tie
I used a pattern: red, red, striped, pink, lilac, lilac and repeat.  When finished, I turned some of the ties so they weren't all facing the same direction.
Step Four:  Use ribbon to hang on door.
Viola!  All in all, from step one to step four this project took me only 45 minutes.  Which was good because I was able to complete the whole thing during Hudson's mid-morning nap.  He woke up about 10 minutes after I hung it on the door.  Now to wait until the husband gets home and see if/how he likes it.

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