Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breaking the Fast

A lot has changed for the Lackey family in the past 40 days.

First, we praise the Lord in opening a full-time ministry position for James as pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Williamstown, Missouri. 

Second, as you can probably guess from the previous announcement, we are have moved! 
New church, new city, new state, new home - there have been lots of transitions for our family during this past Lent season.

There's a lot I could write about how the Lord orchestrated all these events, but I know all people really want are pictures of the baby ;) so here you go:

First, his 9 month stats (10 months will be published soon)

Providence Baptist Church

Providence Baptist Church

The view from the kitchen window (about .10 mi away)

Easter Sunday.  Not the best picture, but it was freezing cold and windy so that's all we got.

Refusing to look at the camera.

Excited about his basket from Grandma and Grandaddy. 
He also had gifts from us, Granna & Papaw, Aunt Sherry, Kay & Marvin,
and Mrs. Darlene (his nursery SS teacher at PBC).  Can you say spoiled?

MO Sunset.
Right now we're just busy unpacking, learning our way around Williamstown, and busy trying to minister to our new community.  Ways to pray for us:
* Hudson traveled to MO like a champ! He slept through the entire state of IL and even when awake, he played quitely in his carseat. 
* Hudson has transitioned to his new home well and after just a few days of interrupted sleep he's back on schedule.
* James faithfully preached from Acts 1 Resurrection Sunday morning.  We had lunch with the L-family and went to a neighboring church for evening service with our congregation.
* Unpacking.  Living in clutter and disorganization stresses me out.
* Various transitions: new driver's license, new bank, new car insurance, etc... lots of decisions to be made in the coming days/weeks.
* James goes tomorrow morning to the Monthly Associational Pastors' Breakfast - pray for connections and friendships to be made.  Encouragement from fellow ministers is of great importance.

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