Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye KY

I hate good-byes.  There are so many people I didn't get pictures of/with that I'm not sad about, but hopefully that just means that those people will have to come to MO to see us!

With "Aunt" Rachel

With Aunt Sharon

Grandaddy's Boy!

Grandma's sweet baby

With "Aunt" Kay

Happy to be with "Aunt" Kay and "Uncle" Marvin

With the sweetest Nursery Sunday School Teachers Ever!
Minus Mrs. Gloria who was busy with the Children's Choir.

With Ms. Joy and Mrs. Linda

With Darrin

With the best Sunday evening Nursery workers - Mrs. Sherri & Mrs. Ruby
With Mrs. B and Noah
This one's technically not a "good-bye" but more of a "hello!"
Hudson meeting "Aunts" Penny & Jenny for the first time and now we live several hours closer to them!
Again, so many people I failed to get a picture of...it makes me sad.

While I don't necessarily miss Louisville itself, I do miss all my friends I left behind.  Trusting the Lord to provide friendships/relationships here in Williamstown that will fill that void. 

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