Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Flight

Not sure how I missed posting these ...

Back in September James' parents graciously paid for Hudson and me to fly to West Virginia for the weekend.

Because we live in the middle of no where, we drove 45 minutes to Quincy, IL to take a Cape Air flight to St. Louis.  It was a tiny  plane - seating only 9 people.

Obviously, Hudson was excited about the event.
Looking rough as we left the house at 6 am!
 In St. Louis, chilling by his store.

Hudson immediately fell asleep as soon as I put him in the stroller at Chicago O'Hare.  
As long as I was walking (which was easy to do since O'Hare is so big) he was asleep,
but as soon as I stopped he woke up.  Sigh.

Playing on the cart that takes people to their gate.
Pretty sure we were breaking some TSA rule.

Finally in WV!
Happy (belated) Birthday Granna.

On Saturday, Granna and Papaw Lackey hosted a party for friends and family to meet Hudson.

Granna's BFF, Sue Ann.
With Great Aunt Rose.

Hudson wasn't so sure about Mr. Donald.

With Cousin Kim

With Sue Ann's husband, Paul.
He taught him about putting toys on his toes.

With Cousin Mel

Granna bathing Hudson.

With Cousin Alden.

With Cousin Thelma, Alden's wife.

Getting lovin's from Aunt Mary.

and Uncle Keith

Mid-morning nap on Granna.
Normally he only takes one nap now but all the fun at Granna's required two naps most days.

With Granna and Papaw at the Charleston WV airport

Desperately trying to entertain Hudson on the flights back home.

Behold the toddler death stare.
My apologies to the fellow passengers.

Flying with a toddler is not fun.  Pretty sure Mamas and Daddys who do it well should be honored with some kind of award or free flight.  At the very least they could offer classes to those of us who don't do it well to learn how - lol.

Most stewardesses were gracious to Hudson and me, allowing him to sit in the seat next to me (when empty) but we did have one strict stewardess (from Chicago to St. L) who required me to hold him in my lap the whole time, even though the neighboring seat was empty.  There were tears, lots of them.  But it was a good lesson in obedience and respecting authority, not just for Hudson but me as well.

And you know what? So many passengers when exiting the plane talked to Hudson and told him he was a "good boy" and flew so "well" which I knew was a lie since he pretty much screamed the whole time, but I appreciated the encouragement and unmerited kindness.

 Though it was a l-o-n-g and tiring trip, it beat 12 hours in the car any day.  We are so thankful that Granna and Papaw paid for us to come and see everybody.  It's hard to live so far away from any family.

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