Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ministry Update - Summer 2014

This has been a jam-packed summer ministry-wise.

It started in June with a week long children and youth camp.  James and I taught Missions, which was tons of fun.  I had just gotten out of the hospital, but thankfully my Type A personality meant that most of the prep-work was done.  Since I had just had surgery, we made the executive decision for me not to stay at the camp overnight, but to drive in teach missions with James, and go home.  It was an exhausting week, but a good week.  The focus was South America (which holds a special place in James and my heart) so we packed each 35 minute class full of missionary videos, country/culture facts, a special snack, and a game.  We even taught the kids the basics of tango (from Argentina) one day.  Shhh....don't tell anyone we Baptists danced at camp.  Unfortuately cameras aren't allowed at camp so I have only these three pictures of the first day before I heard the no-camera rule.

The tiniest and cutest little camper.

And this would be about the time Bro. James reminded
everyone of the no camera, no phone rule.

July began with our little community's annual Fourth of July party at the park.  

Rob, our youth girls' dad, lighting a sparkler for Hudson.

Hudson was not a fan.

The first full-week of July was the busiest week ever.  Our sweet church from Louisville was here for their mission trip so we had construction, VBS, Bible Distribution, etc...going on every day, all day, all week.  Whew.  Read about it here.

James was ordained the first Sunday in July.  It was stressful and I'm glad it's over - haha.  But it was such a blessing to have so many good friends, both from MO and KY here to pray for and encourage James and I in our ministry here in Williamstown.

Dan leading worship.

Mary Ann coralling Hudson, as usual.

Janice reading the letter of intent from the church.

Praying for James.

The week after James' ordination, he officiated his first wedding.  A sweet couple living in Williamstown.  We've been ministering to this family basically since we arrived.  Continuing to pray for the gospel to penetrate their heart.

James and the groom, B.

Sweet K.

It was no less than 98 degrees outside that day.  Sweaty.

Bride, L, and her Daddy

James did a great job intentionally sharing the gospel during the ceremony.  

Mr. and Mrs. S.

A pastor's job is never finished.

Hudson and I did a lot of traveling the rest of July - a trip to Nashville to see my family whom I hadn't seen since November 2013.  Then we went to Louisville for our sweet friend Rachel's wedding, the mission trip report night at Parkland, and all around fun visiting friends we desperately miss.

August began with State Fair ministry.  James, Hudson, and I along with three of our youth traveled three hours to Sedalia, MO to work at the Baptist tent, sharing personal salvation testimonies.  Then we played at the Fair for several hours before making the long trek home.

School started mid-August which was celebrated with a Youth Rally.

At the end of August, our association has its Annual Meeting, basically a big business meeting with preaching and worship strewn in.  James and I were elected the association's Discipleship and Evangelism Team Leaders.  We'll be in charge of organizing different events to help train and come along churches to encourage discipleship and evangelism.  We're excited about it and have our first event this coming Friday!  

Prayer Requests:
  • The S family - continue to ask the Lord to open their hearts to the gospel.
  • K & M - James will marry them in October, so we've started pre-marital counseling already.  Also pray that the Lord will open their hearts to the gospel.
  • Discipleship Event this Friday 9/12 - a representative from the LifeWay office in Springfield MO is coming to do a Bible Study curriculum preview for our churches.
  • Events in October - TrueWoman 14, GA Retreat, etc...
  • Events in November - Newsboys Concert, etc...
  • Missouri Missions Offering in September.
  • Deacon selection committee
  • James, Hudson, and I - encouragement as we continue to minister in this area.  It's been a long 18 months, good stuff, but we have yet to see the gospel reach people as we have hoped and prayed.

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