Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lent - Toddler Style

Like I've said before, I enjoy participating in Lent even though I'm Baptist.  It's about preparing my and my family's heart for Easter.  This year, I'm hoping to make it even more toddler-friendly for Hudson than last year.

After searching through pinterest - I stole this idea and combed it with these ideas.  Basically, there will be 40 Easter Eggs with slips of paper including a random act of kindness for Hudson to complete.

This Christmas we had lots of fun doing our Advent Calendar, but I noticed that after about a week Hudson started asking where his present was each morning.  I get it, I like presents.  However I don't want him to be entitled, but to be grateful. So this Lent season he's not getting candy or presents in the eggs, but will pray for and serve others to hopefully gear his little heart towards thinking of others more than himself.

Inside the eggs, there are 33 papers directing Hudson to pray for one of our church members that attend regularly - that's one plus of a small church, I guess!  Then the other seven are more service oriented:
- visit Aunt Maxine
- mail his cousin Woovens a letter
- bake cookies for neighbors
- tape money to our town's coke machine for someone to enjoy (yes, we have a town coke machine, actually only Pepsi products - yuck! and I have no idea who stocks it - weird)
- leave an encouragement package for our mailman Mr. George
- visit the nursing home
- give away a toy of his choice.

The strips are ready, now to dig out the plastic eggs

The week of Easter, we'll make a tomb from biscuit dough with a cross made from sticks.  Then we'll move Jesus around while reading about what happened to him during holy week.  Here's the recipe I use for the Easter mountain.

Last year's Easter Mountain

And of course, we'll do typical stuff like dying eggs, an Easter basket, wear a new Easter outfit, etc...

So that's the plan!  Pray for my sweet boy - that the Lord will soften his heart towards loving and serving others over himself.  I know he's not yet 3, but it's never too early.

H and me, Easter 2014

Joshua told the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow 
the Lord will do amazing things among you." Joshua 3:5

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