Monday, June 25, 2012

Life Recently

There's been a lot of activity around here recently.


Hudson went on his first trip to CostCo and got to be loved on by his defacto Louisville grandma.  My favorite quote from our CostCo trip was when Mrs. B said, "Oh I love it when they are squooshy."

The C family came over to see Hudson.

Hudson and Miss O.  They are both cuties!

The other C family also came over to see Mr. H.

Hudson and Mr. N - another set of cutie-pies!

Hudson's first trip to Chick-Fil-A.  He was rather unimpressed, but only because he couldn't partake in the good food.  Your time is 'acoming young man.

Guess what this symbolizes?
Me in my pre-pregnancy clothes - yahoo!

In the ongoing saga of Melissa & the UTIs, I still have one - sigh.  I am beginning to wonder if I will ever live a day without daily antibiotics.  I really hate taking medicine and worry about what all these antibiotics are doing/will do to my system.  (Pass the probiotics, please!)  Though I am thankful to Dr. B for trying to get me well, though praise God I am still asymptomatic.  At my last appointment, Dr. B said, "It's a wonder you aren't systemtically ill due to all this, that's a real blessing."  I agree with him.  Overall, outside from my bladder who hates me, I am really healthy.  That is a definite blessing from the Lord. 

Tomorrow, Hudson gets to go to a local portrait studio and have newborn pictures made.  Best part is that I have a coupon so the whole deal is FREE - yahoo!  Plus I have coupons for free 6-month and one-year portraits.  I heart free stuff.

This Friday, Hudson goes for his one-month check up and I am looking forward to seeing how much he weighs.  He feels heavier.  He looks chunkier.  I'm guessing he's close to 7 pounds, but we shall see.

We will all embark on our first road trip this weekend, visiting friends in Northern KY.  I am curious as to how long this 2 hour trip will actually take us with a baby on board.  Hopefully we'll time it right and he'll sleep most of the way.  Speaking of sleep - why is it that during the day Hudson can sleep with every light on, the TV on and the vacuum running but at night he'll stir if there's the slightest sound?  Things to ponder ...

Enough rambling for now ...

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