Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today is D-Day.

It's both the anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy and Hudson's official due-date.   We are celebrating Hudson being with us a whole 8 days now - wahoo.  And boy has he turned our life upside-down.  Overall, the transition really hasn't been that bad - praise Jesus!

Hudson nurses like a champ and I'm so thankful that's progressing well.  We're hoping he'll be back up to fighting weight at his doctor's check up on Friday.  He nurses about 8-10 times a day; I think he may be secretly a teenage boy. 

Hudson sleeps a lot.  However, he's getting better at sleeping at night.  Monday night he actually slept a full four hours before waking to nurse - crazy!  Tuesday night, after sleeping four hours I woke up with this insane need to nurse him so I woke him up, fed him, and of course he wouldn't go back to sleep.  Oops - rookie mom here.  I guess tonight, I'll let him let me know when he needs to eat. 

I'm recovering and feeling stronger everyday.  We get to take the steri-strips off my incision Friday and I'm not looking forward to that at all.  I'm 2 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight which is a blessing.  However, my belly is giong to need some serious toning before it resembles what it once was (not that it was all that toned before - haha). 

Here's a taste of what we've been up to this past week in picture form:

Coming home from the hospital.  (I have no idea why my pictures are sideways)
He is so little he really doesn't fit in his infant car seat.  I sit with him and literally hold his little head to keep it from flopping around - sweet baby.  The whole time we were
driving home I kept thinking, "I can't believe they're letting us bring him home!"
It was a strange feeling, as if we were stealing him or something.

My very bestest friends from home - Mrs. Kay & Mr. Marvin drove up from Nashville Saturday to meet Hudson.  They are such blessings in my life and I know Hudson will LOVE them.

We've been having lots of bonding time as a family.
What's up Daddy-O?

My sweet sister, Sharon has spent this week with us.
She is such a blessing - cooking, cleaning, holding Hudson, and
generally just doing what she can so I can rest and recover.  Love her!

Since I didn't get to do a 39 week picture, because he was born the day before,
I thought I'd do a "Ta-da! Out comes a Baby!" Picture.


Some of Hudson's many faces - love him so very much!

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