Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hudson is Here!

Hudson's scheduled delivery date was tomorrow.  However, instead of getting ready to go to the hospital tomorrow morning, chances are I'll be nursing my sweet son.

Sunday (5/27) I awoke with a horrible backache - no fun.  Fortunately it went away that afternoon.

Monday (5/28) I literally did nothing all day.  I simply had no energy.

Tuesday (5/29) I awoke at 2:00 am with serious cold chills and a low-grade fever (100.5)  So I called the Labor & Delivery Triage department and asked them what to do.  Their advice - take a tylenol and call my doctor in the morning.

Tuesday I go to school to present the end-of-year awards to my little 2nd graders.  After it's all over, I call my doc who has me come in and give a urine sample to rule out an UTI.  She also tells me that if my temperature rises over 100 again, to head to the hospital.  About 1:00 that afternoon, guess whose temperature of 100.2?  That'd be me. To the hospital we head.

Once there, I'm put under observation for about 2.5 hours.  My temperature went away during this time (even with no meds) and they came thisclose to discharging me.  However, sweet Hudson wasn't moving as much as they wanted, so off to get an ultrasound we go.

The U/S tech couldn't find any reason why he wasn't moving - the cord was in the right spot, etc..  therefore, rather than discharging me - they decided to go ahead the do the C-section delivery in 20 minutes.

So on Tuesday, May 29th at 5:27pm - Hudson Andrew was born.

Weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 20 inches long (that's one third of my height!)

He is absolutely perfect.  He was born with a fever (102 - yikes) but it immediately returned to normal and hasn't been feverish since then.  The doc thinks my fever was causing his fever which was making in lethargic in the womb.  10 fingers, 10 toes, perfect and complete spine, good lungs, everything he needs.

Me and Hudson for the first time.  Focus on the cute baby, not the mama who just woke up from her C-section.

Daddy adores Hudson.  Seriously, it's the sweetest thing to hear how James talks to his son.  Grown men typically don't say such things, unless to a baby :)  He is smitten!

Grandaddy Proctor with his 6th grandchild.

Aunt Sharon (my sister) with her first nephew on our side of the family. 

Grandma Sue with Hudson.

Granna Lackey with her first grandbaby.

Hudson Andrew Lackey

Though it wasn't as planned, which honestly very little about this pregnancy has went according to "plan,"  we are so thankful that he's here and that he's healthy.  I on the other hand am having a bit of a rough recovery.  I still have that nasty UTI (which caused the inital fever) plus apparently I had a bad reaction to the TDAP vaccine they gave me which caused cold chills and another fever on Wednesday afternoon - boo.  In addition to this, my hemoglobin is way down.  They are considering giving me a blood transfusion but are waiting to see how I'm progressing.  In addition to this, I'm trying to get up and walk around per their advice, but find it quite difficult.  Who knew you used your abdominal muscles for pretty much any and every activity.  With them painful and out of commission temporarily, I'm in quite a bit of pain. 

But God has been good to us so far and faithful to bring Hudson into the world completely whole, so I am trusting that in time my recovery will be complete and that in the meantime, God will give me the strength I need to do what I need to do - namely, love on my little son!

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  1. Congratulations. He is beautiful and in no time he will be grown and gone. So enjoy every minute with this precious gift from God. Boy, is your life gonna change!!!!!!!!!! Boys are so much fun.