Wednesday, May 23, 2012

38 Weeks

Here I am at 38 weeks.
Why yes, I did get a haircut, thanks for noticing :)

His Mercies are New Every Morning --  Lamentations 3:23

We have 9 mornings left until Hudson will arrive.  And while his upcoming arrival is not the route I would have taken, the Lord has been gracious to give me peace and gently remind me of just how blessed I am.

I have so much to be thankful for:
  • So many with my birth defect cannot conceive so the fact that I am 9 days away from having my son is a huge blessing that I definitely do not take for granted.
  • God's timing is best.  With Hudson arriving just when school is out and through the generosity of my co-teachers I was able to take a lengthy maternity leave early which has been awesome.  I've been a nesting fool!  Hudson's room is ready, the guest room is ready for my sister, the house is generally clean, I'm cooking 3 meals a day, and overall this makes me very happy.
  • While this pregnancy has had its ups and downs, overall it's been pretty easy.  Morning sickness wasn't terrible, the 2nd trimester was great, and even though I'm tired and feel like I weigh 300 pounds I have enough energy to accomplish my daily to-do lists.
  • We were blessed with four most awesome baby showers.  The Lord has provided in miraculous ways for our baby.

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