Thursday, May 10, 2012

36 Weeks

Another week down - only 3 weeks and 1 day to go!

Today I had my 36 week OB appointment. Here are the stats, in case you're interested:

My BP: 116/67

My Weight: 127! Yep, that's another pound! This brings my total weight gain so far in this pregnancy up to a whopping 14 pounds. If I stay on the pound a week schedule, I should hit 17 pounds total weight gain by the end. I'm hoping this just means it'll be easier to lose the weight afterwards since there won't be that much to lose, but we will see.

Fundal Height: 37 centimeters - still on target.

Still spilling protein in my urine. Hello again, Augmentin - nice to see you, I guess. The good part was that the nurse who dipped my urine advocated on my behalf to the doctor to just go ahead and write the prescription instead of sending it off to lab, which would cost us about $80. I'm thankful for her initiative.

Hudson's Heartrate: 150

In other fun news, I got tested for Group Strep B today. Which I'm not really sure I needed to be tested for since we're having a planned C-Section, but I was unable to talk them out of that. I'm learning to ask questions such as, "What's that for?" when they do a procedure. Last week we got a $150 bill from a lab for STD testing! Apparently the last cervical exam back in February was a swab for STDs. I so would have fought that - you see, when you follow God's plan and save yourself for marriage you just don't have to worry about STDs so I'm annoyed that we have to pay for a test that was really a waste. But alas, nothing to do about it now. Plus, I did learn that some of those STD testings are state mandated so my fight would probably have been in vain anyway. But still, I'm asking questions from now on.

In more fun news, they checked me today to see if I have dialated. Nothing so far - which is good news to me.

Hudson's running out of room in my belly and isn't kicking and punching as much as before, but definitely doing more flipping and stretching. Nearly daily he switches between being transverse (sideways) and head-down. This picture above is evidence of his love of stretching. If you notice the big bump on the right side, that'd be his butt...or head, I don't know.  He likes to push out on both sides like that quite frequently. He even wakes me up at night stretching so. Perhaps he's trying to make more room for himself, or he's just bored. I try to rub him back in, but he's getting more stubborn and just keeps sticking it out there - haha.

22 Days dear son and you'll have freedom to stretch to your little heart's content.

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