Saturday, May 12, 2012

Operation: Hudson's Room

The apparent question of importance, aside from "Do you know what you're having?" has been, "How are you decorating the nursery? What's your theme?" James and I immediately (and wittily) respond, "It's a Hand-me-down Theme." 

In all seriousness, I'm not into themes in general.  Besides that, literally 99% of everything in Hudson's room is either a hand-me-down gift, a new gift, or was purchased by us with a gift card - so his room is a testimony to the Lord's provision and the kindness of his people. 

Though it's nothing you'd ever see in a magazine, here's his room:

The room is laid out rather strangely because there are two doors.  This is the view from door #1

This is the view from door #2

A close-up of his crib and bedding.

The nursing/diaper changing area.

Above the changing table, there are four frames.  The blue framed art was a gift from Hudson's Granna Lackey that's an acrostic of his name.  The other three are basically ideas I've stolen off Pinterest.  The white framed art is subway art of Psalm 139.  The brown framed art is a quote from Hudson Taylor (our Hudson's namesake) set as an eye-chart.  For a close-up, click here.  The quote says:
       "Let us see that we always keep God before our eyes that we walk in his ways and seek
        to always please and glorify him in everything great and small."

This quote pretty much sums up our prayer for our lives and our little Hudson's life.  The last frame (green) is a copy of a print of a little boy dressed as a prince whose name is Hudson. 

The nursing/rocking area complete with a Boppy (yay!),  my vintage rocker (haha), the lamp which was made by my Dad for my Mom many years ago, all sorts of nursing accessories, and books to entertain me while Hudson feeds.

The area next to door #2 has been designated the toy area.  Believe it or not but every single one of these toys on the shelves was either a hand-me-down or a gift.  The area above the shelves is a vinyl art of Romans 15:13.  I'll write more about that and how we chose that verse in a later post.

The house we rent is over 100 years old and therefore, there are few closets.  The closets that are present are not very large.  The closet is Hudson's room is my closet, so we were extremely grateful when the McCormicks offered us the armoire they used with their three children.  It's pretty awesome.  Ignore the reflection of my preggo-self in the drafty shirt.

Hudson has lots of books - we hope he loves to read because we love to read.

James added a handy-dandy rod to the inside of the armoire so I could hang up some of his outfits instead of having to fold everything.

Two of my favorite things in Hudson's room are James and my Baby Blankets that are hanging on either side of his crib.  My wanna-be anthropologist nature thinks these two blankets are examples of the differences between boys and girls. 

Note my blanket, on the left - it is in pristene condition.  My Mawmaw Proctor made it for me when my Mom was pregnant with me.  James' blanket on the right, however, is rather fragile.  In his defense, my blanket was always a blanket - either for me or my baby dolls.  His blanket apparently doubled as a cape, a tent, a picnic table, a lasso; basically whatever his little imagination could conjur up. 

So that's his room.  We hope he enjoys it; as much as a baby can enjoy a room.  I'm extremely happy with how the Lord has provided the items inside it and look forward to sharing with Hudson how the Lord proved himself faithful to us during this season of life and pray that Hudson is drawn to the Lord in gratitude for taking care of him before he was even born.

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