Friday, May 4, 2012

35 Weeks

Pardon these poor pictures.
They are pretty bad - bad lighting, bad hair (oh geez look at that frizz), tired face ... oh well.

I am now 35 weeks along!

Holding the shirt in gives a better picture of just how big Mr. Hudson is getting!

This week, I had two doctor appointments - the OB and Dr. V, my endocrinologist.
Here are the stats from those appointments:

My BP: 109/64 - kinda low I thought but they were all happy.

My Weight: 126 - yahoo! For those keeping track I haven't gained any weight in over 6 weeks.  I am so happy to have put on a pound.  Though Hudson keeps measuring on time, I was worried since I wasn't gaining, but finally all that eating has paid off - haha.

My Thyroid: 1.24 - just about perfect.  I get to skip seeing Dr. V until 2 months after Hudson is born - yahoo!

Fundal Height: 36 - right on target.

Hudson's Heart Rate: 140-something - the doc didn't give exact measurements but listened to his sweet heartbeat for over a minute and said it was nice, strong, and steady!  Love his little heart.

This week also marks my last week working.  My maternity leave begins Monday.  There were many tears this afternoon when I explained it to my sweet second graders.  I cried, then they cried, and I cried more - it was ugly.  I am so going to miss them.  Granted, there are only 18 school days left, but I already feel weird that I won't be there.  I've never not worked since college - seriously, the longest I've ever went without working was one month two summers ago and I spent that whole time working to find a part-time summer job.

Praises this Week: the sweet servants of the Lord I work with at PCS.  Hudson's C-Section date is literally the day after the last day of school.  I knew it wouldn't be wise to try to finish the school year and then give birth the next day.  When I began contemplating when to take my maternity leave, I calculated that I had enough personal/sick time to miss the last two weeks (9 days) of school.  I was happy with that.  But my sweet co-workers took it upon themselves to voluntarily donate their personal days to me making today my last work day - that's a full 18 days off!  Such sacrifical love doesn't exist outside the body of Christ.  I am overwhelmed by their generosity in blessing me so. 

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  1. That is SO sweet that they did that for you. Sad we aren't going to be seeing your sweet face around though. =(