Wednesday, February 1, 2012

22 Weeks

I think this shirt really makes me look big. Funny thing is, it isn't even a maternity shirt. It's one of those trendy shirts from Target that I rarely wore because I felt that it made me look pregnant - lol.
Here's a better view, with the shirt pulled back.
This afternoon was my follow-up with Dr. B about my kidney ultrasound and bladder.

Good News:

- My BP was good, 122/65

- My kidneys are still their normal abnormal selves (nothing has changed)

Bad News:
- Apparently my bladder is full of debris. Dr. B thinks that may be what is causing the UTIs - all that junk floating around and irritating my bladder. Where'd it come from? God knows. Dr. B would like to do a bladder lavage which is basically a bladder bath where they'd clean out my bladder. However, he's never performed one on a pregnant mama so he isn't sure it's the best idea right now. There is a chance it could cause me to be septic, which I definitely do not want. I'm supposed to call back Friday after he's had a chance to talk to Dr. P, my OB. I'm thinking if there's 33 years of junk in there, what's four more months? Let's wait until Hudson is born.

- I'm still asymptomatic.

- Dr. B is a good doctor. My old urologist wasn't so I really appreciate Dr. B. At one point I was just randomly talking (like I do) and saying that as long as Hudson's safe and healthy - that's my first priority. He looks at me and said, "Yes but it's my job to see that he has a healthy mama." I cried a little.

Only 18 weeks left!

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