Friday, February 24, 2012

25 Weeks

25 Weeks down - 15 weeks to go. That's only 103 days, folks!

Fun (and not-so-fun) pregnancy related events this week:
  • Tuesday evening, I felt horrible. My right hip is starting to hurt, thank you sciatic nerve. I came home from work and a trip to CostCo and literally did.not.move. Hudson, however, did move. His hyperactivity bordered between being a sweet distraction to the pain I felt (reminding me that it is worth it) and adding to my pain as for some reason he seems to prefer the right side of my abdomen for his daily stretching exercises. Thank the Lord, I woke up Wednesday morning and felt much better.
  • I wonder just when I'll be too fat and pregnant to work. Thursday, I was standing at the end of a table while my students were filing past and they were literally having to turn side-ways to get past me. Hahaha.
  • We have our 3D ultrasound next Friday - yahoo! Then next Tuesday, we have the glucose testing - sigh. I really like carbs and am hoping I don't have to give them up, though I will happily do so for my boy.
  • The backroom, is ready for us to move the guest room bed in there so we can finally get the guest room ready to become Hudson's room. It stinks being pregnant, because I can't move anything and my energy level poops out pretty quickly after working on organizing things, especially on a school night. Good thing our landlord graciously lets us borrow her son for slave labor quite frequently. He is awesomely strong and has a great attitude about helping. I keep poking my belly and telling Hudson to be like Joseph G. when he grows up.
  • The Lord continues to provide for our sweet baby. He now has TWO laundry baskets full of new and hand-me-down clothes and/or blankets that need to be washed sometime in the future; a super cool hand-me-down infant car seat, and other cool stuff. We are definitely blessed. Expect a "Lord's provision" post soon - I need to brag on God and his people.

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