Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Pregnant Mama Thoughts - III

  • We must get the guest bedroom cleaned out to become Hudson's room. We've given ourselves a deadline of the first weekend in March in an attempt to motivate. Has it worked? Not yet. Really, this involves first organizing and unpacking boxes in the office area so we can move the guest bed in there. Sigh. When will the "nesting" kick in? I need some energy to get stuff done!
  • Hudson moves a lot, which I adore. Kick on, baby, kick on.
  • I've now had 5 unsolicited belly rubs. I seriously don't mind at all. I think it's fun and sweet.
  • James and I went to Target Saturday evening to register for baby stuff. It was much, much less stressful than Babies R Us. Granted, Babies R Us is an entire store of baby goods, while Target literally has about 6 aisles. I'm indecisive; so fewer choices = a happier pregnant mama.
  • I have an OB appointment Thursday. It should be an uneventful doppler reading of his heartbeat and follow-up from all the blood they drew for tests last time.

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