Tuesday, February 7, 2012

23 Weeks

Hudson has now reached 23 weeks in utero. Only 17 weeks left, which is just over 4 months. Crazy.

I had two doctor appointments this week. At times I feel like this must be preparation for my golden years as I am getting used to consistently either being at a doctor, on the phone with a doctor, or scheduling an appointment to see a doctor. But overall, I am so very thankful to the Lord living and being pregnant at a time in history where I have access to good medical care (even with no insurance). Doctors, while sometimes inconvenient, are definitely a blessing.

Tuesday, I saw the OB for my 5 month appointment. Here are the stats:

Hudson's Heartrate - 146 bpm
My weight - 124. That's up four pounds from last month. FOUR POUNDS. Woah. Total weight gain for pregnancy so far is 11 pounds.
I got the priviledge of having a surprise (to me) cervical exam. Fun Times (note the sarcasm)

I learned the results from last month's blood tests:
Good News! All my levels were completely normal - yahoo!
My blood type (which I didn't know before now) is A+. James is O+ so apparently that's a good thing that we are both +.

This appointment would have been short and sweet, had my Blood Pressure cooperated. When they first took it, it was 140/65. The nurse and doctor were horrified. Yikes. I do not think it was "White Coat Syndrome." Rather, I blame "Lackey Lateness." I was running late to the appointment due to an impromptu fire drill at school so I literally ran to my car, rushed down the interstate, quickly parked, ran down the forever long hallway to my doctor's office, signed in, went to the business office and paid them money, sat down for maybe 2 minutes, then I was called back for my appointment. Because my BP was so high, they made me lay on my side for 30 minutes after the exam and then retook my BP. It was then 124/60 - much better.

Lesson learned from this: leave early so my heart has time to sit and rest before the appointment!

Today was my 6-week follow-up with my thyroid doc, Dr. V. My thyroid LOVES me being pregnant so it was all good news there - yay!

See this beauty?

When I came home, this was at the door. My sweet friends from high school - Mandy & Daniel graciously gifted Hudson (and us) with this wonderful bassinet. It was a complete surprise and I cried (what else is new?). I am so thankful to the Lord for their friendship and generosity. Thank you Mandy & Daniel!!!

Praises this week:

The Lord continues to provide,

* The Lord's provision of a bassinet through Mandy & Daniel!
* The Lord's provision of some awesome hand-me-down clothes from one of my former student's mom. Awesome cool stuff - especially these little 3 mo. puppy dog slippers - melt.my.heart.
* Hudson's movements are becoming stronger and more consistent. Love it!
* Our FREE 3D Ultrasound is less than a month away! Can't wait to see if Hudson inherited my crooked nose or James' crooked nose - haha, poor kid doesn't have a chance.


* I still have an UTI. Bummer. Thankfully, still asymptomatic.
* My next OB appointment is the glucose/diabetes test. I do NOT do well drinking things that I don't like ((gag)), so I'm praying it's not too bad to get down and of course, that my pancreas responds appropriately. Definitely wouldn't desire gestational diabetes.

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