Saturday, February 18, 2012

24 Weeks - Viability

This week, Hudson finally made it to viability. God forbid, but if Hudson decided to arrive early he'd have at least a chance at survival from this point on. It's such a comfort from the Lord that he's made it this far.

Other fun pregnancy related activities from this week:
  • I feel like a redneck. My shirts (even some of the maternity ones) are starting to get a wee-bit short. So yesterday when dressing for work, I put a shirt on and there was a rather large gap between where the shirt ended and where my pants' band began. Oops! I guess it's time to get a larger/longer shirt.
  • I scolded my son for the first time this week. He kicked me so hard that it actually hurt and I said (a loud) "Ouch, Hudson!" Then laughed hysterically.
  • He's kicking more and more during the day. Up until now, he usually only moved if I was sitting, but that changed this week. A couple of my students have been able to feel him kick, but usually by the time they get to me Hudson decides to stop. I don't think he likes unrecognizable hands on my belly.
  • At this point, Hudson should weigh a little over a pound and be right at a foot long from head to foot.

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  1. Don't worry...Keith has the SAME problem with shirt...maybe you'll give birth on the SAME day!