Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fair Day

Friday, Hudson and I along with my sweet friend Maryann headed to the KY State Fair. Kentucky does fairs the right way as almost the entire thing is indoors and air-conditioned - haha! Enjoy these pictures from our day out and about.

About to enter the fair.  Clearly, Hudson is not impressed.

Hudson with Freddy Farmer, the mascot for KY Farm Bureau Insurance (our insurance company).
Again, he's so not impressed - sorry Freddy.

Chilaxing while David Girard performs his magic show. 
I like this picture as it looks like a tiny David is standing on Hudson's carseat :)

I discovered the other day that there is a sad lack of "Mommy and Baby" pictures because I'm always the one behind the camera. I must rectify this situation at once.

Look Rachel and Sarah - a Disney Princess Quilt!

Being a true boy, Hudson was again not impressed.

Sweet Maryann showing off her "Honorable Mention" shawl she knitted.

A close-up of her shawl - Maryann's got mad knitting skills.

A close-up of the other shawl she knitted.

Hudson with Maryann's winning creations.

While at the fair we ran into "Grandma Rhonda" who was super excited to meet Hudson.

Then it was time for a melt-down.

Thankfully, Maryann's a baby whisperer.

Hudson got his fingerprints done. 
So if any of you get any ideas about running away with my baby - I'll find him! :)

With the second place largest pumpkin (954 lbs).
You may be wondering if Hudson was impressed by anything at the fair. 
The answer is Yes ...

Behold - the power of sugar. 
Even through a glass display case it intrigues children (and adults) of all ages.

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