Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Months

Hudson has grown a lot since he turned one month old.

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Dr. B gave Hudson an "A++" at his 2-month well baby check up and doesn't have to go back until he's 4 months.

He's growing like a weed (note the double-chin) and sleeping through the night. Yes, you read that correctly.  For about the past 2 weeks, he's consistenly slept between 6-7 hours nightly.  He'll actually sleep closer to 9 hours but I typically get him up after 7, mostly because I'm uncomfortable and need to nurse.  Dr. B told me to try to wait as long as possible before waking him up so that my body would adjust to his new schedule and he'll get the rest he apparently wants/needs. 

We're day #2 on trying to establish a daily nursing, awake time, and nap time schedule and that's going fairly well.

Hudson is definitely showing more personality lately.  I think we may have a morning person on our hands as he's so super happy (all smiles and giggles) when he awakes each morning.  It's adorable and makes waking up to care for him a joy.

Overall, we're so thankful to the Lord for such a healthy, happy baby.   

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