Saturday, December 22, 2012

Buckeye Christmas

Today we made the trip to Ohio to see James' Mom's family for Christmas.  For much of the extended family, this was the first time they'd met Hudson.  A fun time was had by all.

Kim and H

Uncle Keith and H

Aunt Mary and H

Granna and her boy

H listening very carefully to Papaw

H with cousin JD

Opening one of many presents
Hudson's first Christmas is turning out to be quite the treasure trove for him.  He's gotten so many sweet gifts.  Granted, he just wants to eat the paper, but we appreciate the gifts for him.  I really hope to develop an attitude of gratitude (that rhymes - haha) in him.

And Christmas is far from over.  Monday we will celebrate first at our church's candlelight service then head to Mr. and Mrs. B's house for Christmas Eve fun.  Then Christmas Day will be spent at home followed by Granna and Papaw coming to KY for Christmas sometime that week.  I love when a holiday spreads out for the whole month - so much fun!

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