Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I got you singing again, don't I?  :)

This past week has been busy with beginning the season of Advent.  Having Hudson has made this Christmas seems all the more fun.  I love that he's experiencing everything for the first time, even though he'll not remember a moment of it. 

First, we put up our Christmas Tree.  I avoid shopping at all, especially Black Friday shopping so we spent the day rearranging the living room (multiple times) and putting out all the decorations. 

Hudson is a serious fan of the Christmas Tree as you can see.  I am having a feeling that next year when he'll be 18 months and most likely walking everywhere that we'll have to do some serious baby-proofing of the tree.  Or as Mrs. B says "Don't baby-proof the house, house-proof the baby!"

Next, Hudson and I went to our church's Angel Breakfast.  It's a special event put on by the preschool and children departments.  Youth dress up like angels, to represent the angels who announced Jesus' birth.  Our pastor, Bro. Tom reads the Christmas story to all the kids (and parents).  Plus the deacons cook and serve an amazing breakfast.
Hudson pretending to like the highchair.  This lasted about 2 minutes before he started fussing.

My shameless spread o'food.

"You better watch yourself son" - my exact words

Wondering what's going on.

Bro. Tom called all the kiddos over.

Waiting patiently for the Christmas story to begin.

Funniest thing I saw while Bro. Tom read.
I'm assuming this was a brother/sister duo.

Sweet Mrs. Audrey.
The first Sunday of Advent was our second annual Sunday School Christmas Party.  We hosted it at our house, because you know, it's always a party at our house.

We made salt-dough ornaments with the kids.
Hudson and Mr. Rick!

Sweet Friends
3/4 of Sweet Friends' kids.
I LOVE how Little A is smiling at his big sister.

T and G having serious conversations.

Maryann and I - she's my "oldest" (not in age) Louisville friend.
And could she be any more gorgeous?
That evening after our Sunday School party, we headed to church for the annual Hanging of the Greens service.  After the many songs, the symbols of Christmas being explained, and adorable kids walking in with flowers, the church as a family lines up and decorates the "Family Christmas Tree."  This year, we made an ornamen to represent our family.

A snowman made of our three thumbprints.
James on the bottom, me in the middle and Hudson on top.
Have you ever tried to get a 6 month old's thumbprint? Not easy.
We had no orange marker so our snowman is nose-less.

The back.
Other random pictures from the evening, because I sneak and take pictures at church.  Pretty sure that's sinful.

Hudson with Mrs. S.  She is by far the godliest woman I know.
Hudson would do well to marry a woman like her one day. :)
All this fun and it's only the beginning of the Christmas Season.  Can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks hold.

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