Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Six Months

So I'm only 2 weeks behind - haha.

Hudson didn't grow much this month.  I, of course, was worried but Dr. B didn't seem concerned.  He is 10% for weight, 50% for height, and 25% for head circumference.  Though he's definitely slender, he's face and body definitely have some fat to them.  Dr. B thinks he's just got a fast metabolism.  I was super, super skinny until after college as was my Daddy so perhaps Hudson's inherited those Proctor genes.

He is thisclose to sitting up by himself.  He can do it for about 5 seconds until he loses his balance and falls over.  We basically have hardwood floors throughout (in actuality the floors are covered with thin commercial carpet so it's super hard) so I've been hesitant to let him practice sitting up too much because I'm afraid he'll hurt his little noggin, but I'm thinking we need to practice more.

He's still nursing about 5-6 times a day.  I'm so glad to have made it nursing this far and hope to continue as long as Hudson wants to.  We recently tried a sippy cup with some water in it and it was a moderate success.  He liked holding it, but didn't really drink from it - haha.  I think he thought it was a new toy.

I think this is my favorite age for babies.  He's so observant and notices everything.  He looks at me when I call his name, or even say "Hey Baby!" so I know his little brain is comprehending language more and more everyday.  He babbles all the time, particularly when it's just us and even "sings," especially when tired and trying not to fall asleep.  It's simply cute.

So far the one mild cold he had back in September has been his only illness.  We're so thankful for a healthy baby!  He has been fussy some due to teething.  He's got two prominent bumps on his lower gum but no teeth yet.  Dr. B confirmed that they are the beginning of teeth but said it could take up to 6 months before they actually come in.  Considering that he's bit me twice while breastfeeding (ouch!) I'm not necessarily wanting them to rush in. 

Can't believe that he's half a year old - crazy times!

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