Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting to Know You

...getting to know all about you.  Are you singing yet, or am I the only musical geek?

Every year I taught school one of my main prayers has been to get to know the students.  Yes, I want to teach them well and have them learn but I also need to know them - really know them well.  I need to know who needs to be warned of an upcoming fire drill to avoid unncessary anxiety.  I need to know who I can push a little harder to accomplish more and who I can't push because they'd cave.  I need to know who I can lovingly tease and who is too sensitive.  I want to know their likes, interests, and concerns to appropriately talk with and pray for them.  As faithful as ever, the Lord has always been kind to answer this prayer even last year when I had the biggest class ever.  This has been my prayer for being Hudson's Mama as well.

Since today is Hudson's 6 month birthday (how is he this old already?), I thought I'd share some of what I've discovered about his personality.

He is laid back.  I hoped and prayed for a mellow baby.  I'm fairly laid back and in the past have handled high-maintenance friends/students well (though I find it exhausting) but really hoped for a laid back baby.  My suspicions have been confirmed by other people - his pediatrician, photographers, friends - all people who have experience with babies and say Hudson is easy going. 

He has a budding temper.  I expected this.  James has a temper and if I'm honest, I do too - mine's just internal festering so it often goes unnoticed.  The other day Hudson rolled over onto his belly and after a few minutes started fussing because he didn't want to be on his belly.  I refuse to always roll him back over as he needs to solve his own problems (Mean Mama, I know).  He fussed and whined for a few minutes and smacked the tar out of his toy near him.  It could have been an accident, but he was looking pretty frustrated so I turned him over.  I'm thankful that for now his temper appears only every once in a while, but I know this will require much prayer and grace.

He is an introvert.  One on one, Hudson will babble all day long.  But when in a group setting, he's amazingly quiet.  Even in utero, I would notice that when I went outside for recess with the students he'd get really quiet and stop moving around.  I think he was just listening to all the screaming, loud kids playing.  Perhaps he's a people watcher/listener. 

He likes compliments.  Silly boy.  The other day I had a coupon for a free photo package so off to Sears we went.  The photographer tried minutes on end to get him to smile but nothing until she said, "Oooh Handsome Boy!" Bingo! A huge grin appeared and reappeared every time she flattered him.  Good thing he's so cute and compliments are easy.

He is a lovey-dovey.  He's becoming quite the snuggle-bug.  Yesterday he was even giving kisses.  Really, it was more like tasting my face, but I like to think of them as kisses.  Big, wet, tongue out, slobbery kisses.  On Thanksgiving Aunt M was holding him and suddenly he leaned over, wrapped him arms around Uncle J's arm and snuggled his head close.  It was simply adorable.

He is serious about his "work."  We called Hudson's time in his Exersaucer his "work" because he gets so serious about his play in that thing.  He furrows his little brow and concentrates intently on whatever he's doing.  Yes, he'll smile and giggle but usually when you talk to him about what he's doing.  Otherwise it's 100% concentration.  Perhaps this means he'll have a good work ethic one day?

I'm so thankful to the Lord for these past 6 months and so look forward to the days, weeks, months, and years ahead to get to know our little son even better.

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