Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Onesie DIY Tutorial

Thanksgiving day came with major disappointment,  Hudson's little "My 1st Thanksgiving" onesie that Melissa #1 gave him before he was born was much too little. Lilttle guy never even got to wear it; bummer.

Thankfully I was feeling crafty and with some pinterest inspiration I made this:

Here's how:
1) Find a onesie you don't mind using.  I forgot to take a "before" picture, but it was a cute long-sleeve onesie with a froggie on it.
2) Get some material for the turkey & feathers.  I used plaid because it's "manly."  I have no less than TWO sewing machines, but can't use them that well so I hand-stitched it using embroidery thread.  It took two skeens (I have no idea what to call embroidery thread packets) - I used one black and one white.

3)  I drew a turkey and feather pattern on pages from an old magazine, then pinned them to the fabric and cut them out.
4)  Then I laid them out on the onesie, then pinned them.
5)  Now it's time to sew.  I used a "zig zag" stitch as seen below.


6)  When finished, find a cute baby to model DIY onesie.

Thankfully I have the cutest baby ever who readily obliged to be my baby model.

7)  I drew turkey eyes & beak with a sharpie mostly because it took me 2 hours to get this done and I lost steam and didn't have energy to do anything else.  You could stitch on buttons for the eyes and fabric for the beak and that would be terribly adorable.

8)  I hand-stitched little turkey legs, but they aren't so great - haha.  Oh well, practice makes perfect.

Hudson enjoyed wearing his handmade turkey onesie on Thanksgiving and now it's been washed, dried, and put away in a keepsake box.

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