Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grandma & Grandaddy Come to Town

This past weekend, my parents made the drive North to see us. Well, to see Hudson but we were home as well.

Mama & Baby matchy-matchy

 My parents brought their sweet dog, Angel.  She enjoyed Hudson's blanket.

This is the second time Hudson has met Angel.  However, he was much more aware of her presence this time around.  I like these succession of pictures as they show their interaction with one another.

"Hello Puppy Dog!" says Hudson

"Hello Small Human!" says Angel

Hey, why'd you move away?

Hudson loves Angel.
Angel did so well with Hudson.  She was very patient and never once growled or snapped or anything, even when he pulled her hair.  And Hudson did well with her - he wasn't scared at all, even when she barked to go outside.  We're so thankful that my parents came up to see Hudson and can't wait to see them again at Christmas.

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