Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo Dump #4

Safe in Mama's arms - sucking on my toes.  Life is good.

First time in the cart at Wal-mart.  He enjoyed the new view;
though he's still a bit little and kept falling over - haha.

Enjoying a little bit of nature in Wal-mart.

Relaxing in his carseat at church last week.
He kept reaching up and playing with the hem of my skirt.
It's hard to pay attention to the preaching when you have this little handsome guy staring at you.

H likes his rubber ducky - thanks Rachel!

We cheered on the St. L Cardinals in the World Series.
Sadly, it did no good :(

But H was cute all decked out in baseball gear nonetheless.

Naked Baby! 

He is quite serious about his "work."
Carrot goatee.

Is there a cuter kid out there? I think not.

First Sunday in the church nursery.

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