Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hudson was blessed to experience TWO First Thanksgivings.

It would have been three, had we stayed for Thanksgiving after church last Sunday but somebody was g-r-u-m-p-y from a way-too-stimulating morning in the church nursery so we slid out to come home and let him rest.

On Thursday evening, we hung out with the P, J, J, and W families at the church gym.  Technically this was Hudson's second thanksgiving with these families but last year he was just a wee apple-sized babe in my womb.  Some how I only got one picture the whole night.  Sigh.  But here it is, Hudson and Uncle Jay.

Friday, we hung out with the G family.  Baby R (who is 6 weeks older than H) was there and much fun was had watching the babies play with each other.
H wasn't quite sure about R at first.

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Much fun was had in the pack n play. 
Many tears were shed in the pack n play over one blue trumpet.

R can crawl, H cannot.
R used this new ability to try to take H's ball.
H was having none of it.

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