Monday, October 17, 2011

Announcing the Good News

James and I decided to tell our families this week. "What, before the 12 week mark? Isn't that bad luck?" We have several reasons to not delay sharing the good news.

First, we don't believe in luck. Second, we need all the prayers we can get - prayers for my health, prayers for the baby's health and strong development, and prayers for James to get a better job. Third, one of the reasons behind the tradition of waiting until the first trimester is over to tell is due to the risk of miscarriage. The thinking goes, why tell people if something bad might happen and you'd have to "un"tell them. Honestly, I think that is a lie of Satan. How many moms and dad have suffered in silence because they didn't want to bother family with the news of a pregnancy and miscarriage. God created us to be in community with one another, so while I do pray against miscarriage daily and would be heart-broken if I had to announce one I was not made to go through life alone. We need each other. So we are trusting the Lord with our baby and telling others so they can share in his goodness and pray for us.

Now that the why is out of the way, here's the how. James' family lives 6 hours away and mine is 3 hours away; so while ideally we would have preferred to tell everyone in person, with gas prices and the both of us working full-time it just wasn't practical. We thought of a phone call, but wanted it to be more special. So we wrote letters from the baby and included a copy of the ultrasound picture, in case anyone was confused.

Grandma & Grandpa P, MaMaw & PaPaw L, Aunt Mary & Uncle Keith, Aunt Rose & Uncle Dave, Aunt Sherry & Uncle Chuck, and Aunt Kay & Uncle Marvin - You have mail!

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