Friday, October 28, 2011

Thankful for the Lord's Provision

The Lord is good. This week, he has provided through some sweet friends.

Ms. Gerry at church gave our baby his/her first gift - a sweet handmade blanket.

Isn't it's just the cutest?

Sabrina, a mom at the school I teach at, blessed me with a whole box of maternity clothes. I am so very thankful. While I'm not "maternity clothes" ready, I do know that these things can be quite expensive so we are so ever thankful to already have some on hand.

Plus, she has great style and so everything is super cute!

Another testimony of the Lord's provision - today I went to the local Medicaid office to apply for insurance. Remember - I'm "unique" and therefore uninsurable per every insurance company with whom I've applied. Anyway, it went so smoothly - considering I walk in at 4:00pm and they close at 4:30pm. The case worker I met was super nice, not too much paper work, etc... The last step is to get my school and James' school to fill out a proof of employment paper, then it should only be a matter of time until baby and me are covered. Plus, it'll be retroactive to today - so if anything should happen and I have to go to the doctor, we will be paid back for the costs. Pray for the last steps of this process to go as smoothly as the first steps.

So from the little things (like blankets and maternity clothes) to larger things (like insurance) to the biggest of all (the health and future salvation of our little one) I know I can trust the Lord to provide.

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  1. OMG I see Sue Sylvester's track suit in there! No...I'm VERY thankful for these things, also! Love you guys! And I love the people in your life that God is using to provide for my niece or nephew! I love our God too!